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[seul-edu] "Destroy their servers and fire them"

(from /. - What To Do If Linux Sneaks Onto Your Network)

   If you discover Linux on the network should you treat it like any
   other application added without your control, or welcome it into your
   overall IT plan? The answer depends on whom you ask. Some readers
   Network World interviewed were starkly intolerant; others were more
   forgiving. In many cases, IT managers dismissed any incursion of Linux
   as just that - a hostile takeover of the network that shouldn't be
   tolerated. Shapiro Although, most folks say they would slap the hands
   of the offenders who add anything to the network that IT hasn't
   approved; some would take harsher measures. "Destroy their servers and
   fire them," says Jeff Shapiro, director of technology for the
   Kingsport, Tenn., public schools. "IT organizations have standards and
   policies and renegade anythings should not be tolerated," he says. "If
   the company's IT structure is so weak that it's politically impossible
   to prevent or correct this, then it points to larger problems within
   the organization." DiComo Chip DiComo, network manager for shipping
   firm Hellman Worldwide Logistics in Miami, says, "Linux should be
   dealt with as any other standards violation . . . and removed."

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