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Re: [seul-edu] X Config Experts?

Bill -- I am having to guess a bit about what you mean, but here goes ....

The X "screen" (the virtual screen) will always be the largest (valid)
resolution available in your configuration. For example, if you can switch
(using CTRL-ALT-+) between 640*480, 600*600, and 1024*768, the virtual
screen will always be 1024*768, and the smaller resolutions will be a
"window" into this virtual screen. 

This is a "feature" of X; you are stuck with it. If you want, for example, a
640*480 screen, you actually have to remove the higher-resolution settings
(at least the ones that work with your video card and display) from
XF86Config. In my experience, the setup program xf86config is the easiest
way to do this, but tastes vary here ... though xf86 is a simple, text-based
program, so has the virtue that it will work when nothing else will.

One qualification to the above: you can set X to use a virtual screen
*larger* than the largest real screen. But the virtual screen size always
stays constant throughout an X session, no matter what actual display size
you use. If your somehow got set up this way, a run of xf86config (or any of
its alternatives) *will* let you change that.

To my surprise, I realize that I know of no FM in which you can R this. It's
just one of those things that everybody knows ("everybody" being a technical
term used by people who know an answer to refer to themselves).

At 01:22 AM 10/17/00 +0200, Bill Tihen -- Information Technology wrote:
>I have a computer running RH7.0 with a high resolution monitor -- the imagages
>are generally to small, but I am having trouble editing the XF86Config file by
>hand.  I can make the image bigger, by removing the high resolution settings,
>but it is annoying because the image is bigger, but the X is still
displaying to
>the same large screen using a virtual screen size -- which I don't like.
How do
>I turn off the virtual screen size?  I would just like to be able to type:
> or CTRL-ALT-+ or (minus) and have the screen image and screen size change.  
>For some reason on the RH7.0 the Xconfigurator just crashes (which means I
>install RH7.0 in text mode) and as far as I can tell anaconda -- which seems to
>work only works during graphical setup.

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