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[seul-edu] X Config Experts?

I have a computer running RH7.0 with a high resolution monitor -- the imagages
are generally to small, but I am having trouble editing the XF86Config file by
hand.  I can make the image bigger, by removing the high resolution settings,
but it is annoying because the image is bigger, but the X is still displaying to
the same large screen using a virtual screen size -- which I don't like.  How do
I turn off the virtual screen size?  I would just like to be able to type:
 or CTRL-ALT-+ or (minus) and have the screen image and screen size change.  

For some reason on the RH7.0 the Xconfigurator just crashes (which means I can't
install RH7.0 in text mode) and as far as I can tell anaconda -- which seems to
work only works during graphical setup.

I can send my XF86Config file if needed.  Any pointers, ideas, RTFMs (as long as
you tell me what to RTFM) would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.