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Re: [seul-edu] Conferences

Hi, Doug,
At this moment we have a quickie page to look at of stuff suggestested.


I have a few of the San Jose LWE flyers to ship you (hint) and some
flyer stock as well.  I will be working on a set of additions myself,
and will post them tomorrow.

If anyone else has a request to add to the list, just send it.  There is
a mailto link on the page.



Doug Loss wrote:

> Pete, what's going on with participation at LinuxExpoCanada in
> Toronto at the end of the month?  Will anyone be there representing
> SEUL and/or SEUL/edu?
> And we need to start firming up our plans for LinuxWorldExpo in New
> York at the end of January.  SEUL/edu will have booth space there in
> the .org pavilion, Mandrake will make some systems available for our
> use, and we'll be represented on at least one panel discussion.  How
> many of us shall we plan to have there?  We'll need to know for
> purposes of staffing the booth.  We may also be able to get some
> assistance with lodging (and maybe even transportation) if we know
> far enough in advance what our needs will be.  Bill, you were
> talking earlier about making a CD-ROM of educational
> software--what's up there?  We also have a flyer for the various
> SEUL projects floating around somewhere (I have a lo-res version on
> my system at home).  We should work on getting that in order too.
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