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[seul-edu] Conferences

Pete, what's going on with participation at LinuxExpoCanada in
Toronto at the end of the month?  Will anyone be there representing
SEUL and/or SEUL/edu?

And we need to start firming up our plans for LinuxWorldExpo in New
York at the end of January.  SEUL/edu will have booth space there in
the .org pavilion, Mandrake will make some systems available for our
use, and we'll be represented on at least one panel discussion.  How
many of us shall we plan to have there?  We'll need to know for
purposes of staffing the booth.  We may also be able to get some
assistance with lodging (and maybe even transportation) if we know
far enough in advance what our needs will be.  Bill, you were
talking earlier about making a CD-ROM of educational
software--what's up there?  We also have a flyer for the various
SEUL projects floating around somewhere (I have a lo-res version on
my system at home).  We should work on getting that in order too.

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