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Re: [seul-edu] open textbooks

Bill Tihen -- Information Technology wrote:
> I wrote one a year and a half ago, because my school had no money to buy me text
> books.  It was based on using windows.  It was helpful to my students, it took a
> lot of effort -- but if every teacher did this eventually, we would have a lot
> of them and teachers could suggest fixes and additions to the maintainer.  My
> idea of the User Docs is precisely this.  We'll see how far we get.
> For classics there is the Gutenburg Project.
> Bill
> Quoting Chris Hedemark <hedemark@bops.com>:
> >
> > The only real problem that I see is getting qualified people to write &
> > maintain the texts.  What is the incentive?
> >

Textbooks....have you looked to see how expensive textbooks are?
Incentives....How about trial copies. I write schedules, annoted texts,
etc. It would be worth my while to send these for free if I got feedback
on the texts. I have ESL materials, notes etc. I would gladly give these
out if my schools name was on the book. The advertising value would be
well worth the money.

S. Barret Dolph
Taipei Taiwan

PS. Can't believe I might actually be of some use to this group after
all. We have given up on our computer classes but are developing our
website with Linux. I also, completely gave up on Windows. I am still a
newbie but have found Linux to be much easier and stable than windows.
My computer has been on for 4 months. I never had windows last that long
without a crash.