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Re: [seul-edu] open textbooks

Quoting "S. Barret Dolph" <white129@ms7.hinet.net>:
> etc. It would be worth my while to send these for free if I got feedback
> on the texts. I have ESL materials, notes etc. I would gladly give these

There are no guarentees, but I am sure some would send back feedback.  Many 

> out if my schools name was on the book. The advertising value would be
> well worth the money.
Good point, there is more than one way to make money and asses value -- 
however, the difficult thing is to decide does the effort bring in enough 
money/students to justify the effort. 
> PS. Can't believe I might actually be of some use to this group after
> all. We have given up on our computer classes but are developing our

You gave up on computer classes?  In what sense?  I agree that most computer 
classes that teach people to be robots, but the problem solving and learning to 
make computers into a valuable information tool seem to be worthwhile 
(although, I guess if we wait long enought there will be thoses simple boxes).

I guess we are off topic though.  Please respond to this off line.