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Here is the message from Raphael Calvelli :

Hi everybody

Presentation of project LibresoftwareDay

Another "Day of... " initiative, for the benefit of free softwares
("libre software" is less ambiguous in french than "free software"). The
project is brand new and still in phase of achievment. It consists in
helping lugs to prepare demonstrations of free softwares in the schools. 

1) The first idea is to help lugs to get involved in some actions for
the schools, by removing obstacles as collecting material,
writing/editing vulgarisation papers for the newbies. 

2) The second idea is to contact NGOs of education, i.e. non-computer
people, but people that would be interested to discover free softwares,
due their perception of the huge consequences of what will be an

The website that supports this projects
(http://libresoftware.educ.free.fr) has: 
- a databank with all schools that have free softwares (with MySQL and
php) - in France and soon Italy. 
- a (beginning of) library of material for diffusion of free software in

It has been conceived to help computer people (i.e. that get not scared
by code lines on a black screen), to propose vulgarization to
school-people (not only teachers). It went out as a "Day of... ", as
participant can compare their work, and give some suspense to the

LibresoftwareDay has been thought for France and Italy, due to the
contacts we already had. The web site is in those two languages only

Help is needed to realize this project. 
Then I found another project that works in the same way (help for local
initiatives), but with different object and totally bigger dimensions
(the Netday.org). 
Are there already similar projects? 

Raphael Calvelli