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Re: [seul-edu] annonce dans seul-edu

Vladimir Tamara wrote:
> >>>>> "Odile" == Odile Bénassy <ob@seul.org> writes:
>     Odile> The website that supports this projects
>     Odile> (http://libresoftware.educ.free.fr) has: - a databank with
>     Odile> all schools that have free softwares (with MySQL and php) -
>     Odile> in France and soon Italy.  - a (beginning of) library of
>     Odile> material for diffusion of free software in schools.
> In the group  SLEC ("Libre" Software and Education  in Colombia), we have
> been doing something similar.  Our current "database" includes schools
> and universities of Colombia, it is at:
> http://www.geocities.com/sl_edu_colombia/estadisticas.html
> As you will see, everything is  in spanish.  Now we are in the process
> of mantaining the information in a real database.

Fine !!
Don't worry for the language : it's pretty understandable

You can choose : either we explain to you how to build and administrate
your database with MySQL for example, or just give us authorization for
taking your data into our own database so that it'll be available just
like the French and Italian
> I would like  to join efforts with you, since SLEC  and your site have
> similar purposes.  (However my French is not very good).
I'm very happy about this. And what a beautiful country you have !

Odile Bénassy