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Re: [seul-edu] vsep

On Mon, 23 Oct 2000 vic@gssi.es wrote:
> The RPM downloads, installs and runs like charm in RedHat 7.0, I'll set it
> up in my kids (10 and 9) system if I manage to prepare some mor complex
> questions (spanish interface would be helpful).
> E-29018 Malaga (Spain)               | E-mail: vic@gssi.es
> Member of ISOC (Andalusian Chapter)  | http://www.gssi.es/ 

Interfase en español ??? Pero si no hay apenas cosas en inglés.
Aparte de la documentación. 

Gracias por probar el .rpm .

Por cierto, yo soy de Sevilla ( y del Sevilla F.C.). 

---> English translation

What for Spanish interfase? There's no english except documentation.

Thanks for testing the .rpm.

BTW, I'm from Seville (150 km from Malaga) (both Andalusians).