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Re: [seul-edu] [follow-up] community: bkgd info on K-12 dot-com company

Hmmm, a marketing opportunity, perhaps take a GNU/Linux system with you to
be able to demo -- if, they have are interested? I live near Dupont Circle
and could go with you or meet you - if you'd like to go with a possible demo
[It would be good if we knew they would be receptive to a demo . . . and
dates, times and locations that may work for all parties.] Justin

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> These are my notes from the call, with premiereschool.com.
> It looks like they develop on UNIX, but the HR Manager I interrogated
> told me that one the network technicians wrote a book on Linux. What does
> that mean to me?
> It sounds like they do not incorporate GNU/Linux at all into their
> internal, nor their external, technologies. That is too bad, but I have a
> little more probing to do before being absolutely certain.
> I will pass by their headhunter-fest tomorrow to ask their tech-managers
> more questions, and to see if there is any chance to get a
> community-minded foot in their commercial-minded door that is
> supposedly aimed at "developing" education by integrating it with
> technology.
> I will not be surprised at all if they don't even have one GNU/linux box
> in their shop, as much as I will wish they were based on FS and sharing.
> thanks for the kilobytes,
> -Karl
> -----------------------------------
> HR Manager
> Heather
> developing curriculum for K-12, to distribute through the internet
> marketted to home-schoolers, charter-schools,
> and virtual-charter schools (community group school systems, that get
> state-fundung 'charters')
> I asked: What do you develop?
> They have a set curriculum, and are basing lesson plans based on that
> curriculum (math, science, english, history, music, art)
> working with publishers to send out texts, games, tools and materials that
> can be used, not marketting to pub/private schools, aiming at
> provide suport, testing, and assesment, testing, provide the whole kit and
> kaboodle
> people subscribe to their service, and they send them the tools
> usability
> how computers and people interact
> interactive componenets
> accessibility
> Technology used:
> oracle database
> using a unix platform
> developing in JAVA and EJB
> 2 main parts of their IT work:
> how subscribers access their info/resources through the web
> internal IT/workstations, etc
> 60 employees
> hiring another 100 within next 6 months
> company started in Nov 1999, located at Tysons since May 2000
> premierschool funded by "Knowledge Universe"
> progressive philosophy
> adult training
> child education
> finded by larry elliston (oracle) and others
> -----------------------------------