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[seul-edu] UPDATE -- FETC.org - technology in florida education

NOVALUG member, Phillip Harp, a local educator/technologist in Virginia,
has been kind enough to contact FETC.org directly, with his positive input
on 'open source' in the classroom. Phillip's actions are detailed below...

FETC.org (for those who missed the thread) throws an annual Florida 
technology-in-education convention that completely neglects the 
incorporation of any  *NIX tools/technologies among their huge list of
exhibitors and exhibited resources for education.

I will be gathering more www.FETC.org contact information, and will gladly
post it to the list, for anyone who wants to email and share their input
on the importance of GNU/Linux in the global classroom.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 15:02:23 -0400
From: Phillip Harp <phillip.harp@eer.com>
To: 'NOVALUG' <novalug@tux.org>
Subject: [novalug] OT:FETC.org

I have looked at the FETC site and am not familiar with the folks there.
However, on the off chance that they or an associate have heard of me
(NOT!!) I have sent them an intro and a brief description of why Linux and
Open Source Software should be considered. I am hoping that my teaching and
technical background will invoke some queries from them. Hopefully, I will
be able to use some of the information in the GSA presentation I am working
on and tilt it towards education. ...
Perhaps I'll just email it to them - unsolicited if need be?

I am also going to contact some folks I know on the Polk County, FL School
Board. Although not board members of the FETC, I am sure that some of them
know each other and that may be yet another way to get a webbed foot into a
closed door!!

Phillip E. Harp
ANSWER Project Manager
EER Systems, Inc.


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