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Re: [seul-edu] Alternatives to NIS

NIS/NFS security stuff is one of my biggest problems introducing Linux to the
student Lab.  How far off are other alternatives?  (Anyone have a clue how far
off SMB is from being a PDC? Anyone know if there is project to make a central
password server for macs?)

Our computer teacher is willing to start experimenting (with one of the
MacLinuxes).  However, the management, of the workstations is a problem.  I
guess I could give each computer a student login account and then to use network
services the students would then have to use their password.  Is there anyway to
have a default login -- this is how are macs are setup and then they have to
enter a password to network services.  (However, I would prefer that all the
computers need an individual password to login at all).

Quoting David Woodhouse <dwmw2@infradead.org>:
> Connect the 'open' network ports to a separate subnet. Don't export NFS
> to that subnet. You can play clever tricks with pam and samba to mount 
> home directories by SMB if you've got a sick enough mind.