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[seul-edu] [Fwd: Do you reat SiT?]

A friend of mine passed this along.  I wasn't aware of either of these.  The
OSPDE seems aimed at university-level education, but it is still something we
should look at and discuss, I think.  Go to the sites, read over what's there,
and give us your opinions, OK?

JM <giem@free.fr> wrote:

> Hi Doug,
>  I don't know if you read Serious Instructional Technology
> (http://instructionaltechnology.editthispage.com/)
> but they had yesterday a pointer to
> http://www.tltgroup.org/OpenSource/OSPDEIntroProposal.htm
> "Applying Open Source Principles, Practices, and Tools
> to Teaching, Learning, Professional Development and Planning:
> An Invitation to Develop an
> Open Source Professional Development Environment (OSPDE)
> “A Work in Progress”"
> which looked interesting and might interest the SeulEdu ML if it hasn't been
> posted already
> Cheers,
> --
>  jm

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