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[seul-edu] TuxMath Online Poll (please announce)

Tux of Math Command (TuxMath) is an educational math skills game starring 
Tux, The Linux Penguin. In the game, the player protects cities from comets 
which fall from space by solving math problems. If the player does not answer 
the math problem in time, the comets will hit the cities.

In light of the horrible events of Sept. 11th, 2001, we have been wondering 
if we should change the animation in our game, and if so, what should we 
change that animation to. We want the game to be a positive experience for 
children, and we do not wish to be damaging or harmful in any way.

Please take a moment and stop by our web-site to fill out this online poll:

The results from this poll will help us decide what the best way would be to 

Thank you for your time.
Tux of Math Command Staff

(Feel free to announce this as widely as you desire, but, please do not 
announce it on Slashdot or any other extremely high-traffic sites unless you 
are willing to supply us with a mirror ;-)

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