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[seul-edu] GEO v2.00 released

General Education Online, after 15 months of extensive beta testing and bug
fixes, officially released GEO v2.00 yesterday in time for its 6 year
anniversary.  The source code is available via the web at
http://www.findaschool.org/releases/geo-2.00-prod.tgz .

Alpha development of v3 is scheduled to begin within the next few months,
although semi-regular bugfix releases of v2 will continue for the
foreseeable future.

General Education Online (http://www.findaschool.org), started on October
10th, 1995, is a free, open-source web database of links to higher
educational facilities worldwide for researchers, students, and others,
hosted and sponsered by Simple End User Linux (http://www.seul.org).

For additional information concerning the project, please visit the website
at http://www.findaschool.org, or e-mail me at mviron@findaschool.org .

Michael Viron <mviron@findaschool.org>
Project Manager / Primary Developer
General Education Online