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[seul-edu] An open-source eLearning environment comes out of nowhere


We are a company located in Finland, Espoo. We are currently
developing an an open-source eLearning environment.
Here is a little introduction what it is:

MimerDesk is an open-source group environment designed
for a wide variety of uses such as web-based eLearning, carrying out projects 
and setting up communities. MimerDesk also has tools for personal management. 
Features include Calendar, Tasks, Forums, Messages, Chat, Reviews, Voting, 
Advanced User Management, Files, Profiles and many more. Educational 
institutions should be very happy because this project was closed source 
before but the owners decided to release the source code to the public and 
now MimerDesk might be the largest open source web based eLearning 
environment available on the market. It has potential to compete with the 
closed source products. MimerDesk will be a welcome surprise for the 
educational world which lacked advanced eLearning environments in the past. 
MimerDesk is developed with the support of educational institutions and has 
abilities in educational sector. Pedagogical factors have been taken into 
consideration in the development process of MimerDesk and whitout any 
precausion it can be recommended for educational facilites.

Check out www.mimerdesk.org for more information!

Teemu Arina
Ionstream Ltd.