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Re: [seul-edu] Your problems with MimerDesk

>  I got the source from cvs...there is a few problems I am having though
> with after install...it will try to redirect and come up with a server not
> found error on login..but if i refresh the page it will come up it seems
> like it might be trying to redirect to servername:2020 or something looking
> into it.

It's not a big surprise you have problems with the current version from CVS.
The installation is almost more complicated than the human brain at the moment
since we haven't done any installer or better installation instructions how
to install MimerDesk. This is a problem for new users and admins
who want to try MimerDesk out. We are building a test release package
with better installation instructions and installation scripts to correct
the problem.

Please register to mimerdesk.org if you want to mess around with the system
until we have a real release version for people to try out.

I'm investigating the problems with the CVS. Check that CVS_RSH is not set.

Teemu Arina