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[seul-edu] Helping Digikata

A while ago, Alan Chen told us about his organization Digikata and
asked our help:

> On September 4, 2001, Digikata LLC was awarded a Phase I, Small
> Business Innovation Research grant from the US Department of
> Education.  Digikata proposed that the educational sector could
> greatly benefit from the development of a low-cost server
> based on Open Source technologies and Open Source processes. Over
> next six months, the Phase I goals for my company are:
> 1) Develop a critera by which Digikata and schools can evaluate
>    utility of open source components. Provide a survey of
>    using this criteria.
> 2) Develop a prototype server applicance and deploy it in two
>    "template" environments. Two organizations within the Pomona
>    Unified School district have agreed to be the template
>    environments. Because education has such a wide variety of
>    the Phase I prototype will be tuned to the needs of these
>    environments. However, see 3 below.
> 3) Engage the Open Source community by soliciting input regarding
>    and 2. In addition, make availiable downloads or CD's of the
>    protoype software to expand testing (and hopefully feature set)

>    beyond the two template environments.

We never responded to that so far as I saw.  I'd like to see some
discussion on Alan's points 1 and 2; we may have a good chance to
influence the development of this server appliance.  Alan's on the
mailing list, I think.  Aren't you, Alan?

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