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chirag wrote:
> Thanks  for your reply,
>  i will try it and also i want to use squid transparent proxy as i  want to use it as a server in internet browsing station so main purpose is to make a caching proxy server and reduce bandwidth.
>  please let me know if you know anything about setting up squid transparent proxy server using dynamic ip address (ppp connection)
>  thanking you,
>  chirag brahmkshatriya

Smoothwall is extremely easy to install provided you know someone with a
CD burner and the computer you wish to install it on has a CD-ROM. 
Anyone who has installed RedHat Linux even once could do it easily.  And
even if you have never installed Linux, it is really straight forward. 
It is a bit harder if you have access to neither a CD burner or CD-ROM,
but can be done in a reasonably straight-forward manner.

There is very good documentation on the smoothwall website.  Basically,
after the initial install, all configuration is done by a very nice web
interface from any client machine.  Settting up a dynamic PPP connection
is as easy extremely easy.  Just click on the "Dialup" button and fill
in the boxes.  It comes with built in help.

To enable the transparent web-proxy, just click on "Services".  Web
Proxy comes up by default.  Check "Transparent" and "Enabled" and click

I think you would be hard pressed to find an easier setup for a firewall
and web-proxy anywhere.

Just be aware that the Smoothwall computer is effectively a hardwall
firewall and web-proxy and cannot do anything else.


PS.  I have it installed on an old 586-133 with 20MB Ram, and the load
average is rarely above 0.4.  Any page that I have already visited comes
up at close to network speed not modem speed (and also saves on
bandwidth).  When I am on the net, the firewall blocks attempted
connections several times an hour and the intrusion detection system
detects an attempted snoop about once a week.  I am only a dialup user -
I am not online all the time and do not have a fixed IP.