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Re: [seul-edu] OSS for schools

Are there any good How-Tos on this?  Or do any of the StarOffice or
OpenOffice.org books[*] cover switching from MSO->OOo?
I don't know of any how-tos, sorry. The way we handled this was simply to tell people to do a save-as. I do seem to recall that OOo has a function to do mass conversions off from its file menu, but we didn't really use that.

We did purchase a few StarOffice books. I wasn't particularly concerned with the content in them, I just wanted a basic range of books available in our library. Our users are at the simple end of the spectrum and as with many colleges, people like to complain about anything. Being able to refer them to books quiets any such complaints quickly. Of course them reading them is another issue. :-)


"If the current stylistic distinctions between open-source and commercial
software persist, an open-software revolution could lead to yet another
divide between haves and have-nots: those with the skills and connections
to make use of free software, and those who must pay high prices for
increasingly dated commercial offerings." -- Scientific American