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Re: [seul-edu] OSS for schools


>     We did purchase a few StarOffice books.  I wasn't particularly
>     concerned 
> with the content in them, I just wanted a basic range of books available
> in our library.  Our users are at the simple end of the spectrum and as
> with many colleges, people like to complain about anything.  Being able
> to refer them to books quiets any such complaints quickly.  Of course
> them reading them is another issue. :-)

I hate to say it but if people can't work out how to use OpenOffice /
StarOffice then they really shouldn't bother with computers at all. And if
they're the ICT or IT staff then maybe they're in the wrong career ;-P

I agree: people will complain about anything. I did a largish installation
of KDE once and noone complained that Konqueror didn't work, that
Microsoft Word wasn't there. They complained that the background on the
desktop was awful.



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