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Re: [seul-edu] OSS for schools


> >> I hate to say it but if people can't work out how to use OpenOffice /
> >> StarOffice then they really shouldn't bother with computers at all.

> It's also not realistic, although I sympathise with the sentiment.  Many
> people who neither like nor understand computers, simply have to use
> them.

It's absolutely realistic. If people are being forced to use a tool that
makes them unproductive then there has to be a clear business case why
that tool is required. Otherwise, your organisation has chosen the wrong
toolset and this will contribute, at best, to increased costs and at worst
to a decrease in your organisation's competitiveness.

Notice, though, that I haven't said "Don't use computers" - if you employ
someone who will use his or her computer time unproductively, even if
that's not deliberate, you need to take that account in your day-to-day
business plan.

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