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Re: [seul-edu] OSS for schools

Randy Edwards wrote:

I hate to say it but if people can't work out how to use OpenOffice /
StarOffice then they really shouldn't bother with computers at all.

I agree 100%. But it's not politically correct to say that. :-)

It's also not realistic, although I sympathise with the sentiment. Many people who neither like nor understand computers, simply have to use them.

What I find amazing is the myth that there are people around who can use MS Word but couldn't possibly understand OO Writer. Most people at the shallow end of the datapool use a tiny fraction of the functions of any word processor - in fact most of them would be able to do all their work in Wordpad. This means that some of OpenOffice's strong points (such as styles) will be lost on them, since they don't know how to use the Word equivalent, but the kind of things they do are not only identical in MS Office and OpenOffice, most of them are the same in any piece of software (e.g. Ctrl-C to copy).


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