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Re: [seul-edu] Progress on Linux in Portland Schools

seul-edu@seul.org writes:
>Yes mate
>Teachers seem to not understand the consept of software can be low cost
>( The only cost is there time) and good quality. I have asked the IT
>teachers to trial OOo but they keep saying thet industary user MSoffice.
>I keep saying that it is so similar it is not funny. (espesaly when you
>are teaching primary school kids).
You are so correct.   I think people need to realize that learning concepts are so much more important than applications.  Word processing is word processing.  Learn the basics and you will be set for life.  Learn a particular application and you
only know that one application.  Which will change and they won't know what to do.  
>Or is that they are scared or lasy.
More scared than lazy.  Or rather FUD.  Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.  They know nothing of Open Source and figure M$ is the best thing out there (heh).

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