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Re: [seul-edu] Progress on Linux in Portland Schools

On Tuesday 16 September 2003 12:18 pm, Dr. Robert G. Rittenhouse wrote:
> Actually Open Source has relatively more advantages for teaching CS (as
> opposed to Office Apps). Our Advanced Placement Computing curriculum
> calls for Java. With that in mind there are a number of really excellent
> Open Source development environments such as Eclipse, Netbeans, JGrasp,
> Bluej.

Oh, I agree with this wholeheartedly.  In my "day job," not the school board 
stuff, I teach computer science at Concordia University Wisconsin.  In my 
programming languages course each student must evaluate a language hitherto 
unknown.  With open source, it is quite easy to find compiliers for really 
obscure languages.  It is also very easy to do major projects on a 
jeff williams - cfiaime@nconnect.net