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Re: [seul-edu] Packaged systems or individual apps?

When you have lot of students, courses, tests, quistions, teachers it is
easier to have a unique place to make the administrative work. But of
couse it is necessary to have root access at least to mysql and PHP.

Some days ago I was testing moodle (www.moodle.org),and I think it is 
usefull. But also is clear that theare are no magic solutions and what
is usefull for some people could be useless for other.

Regards from Costa Rica

Ps. Sorry about my poor english

El vie, 26-09-2003 a las 13:28, robin escribió:
> I was wondering what people here thought about the relative merits of 
> installing all-in-one educational packages (e.g. Claroline, Manhattan 
> Virtual Classroom) versus individual applications that you install 
> and/or write yourself.  Personally I ended up with the latter solution 
> largely because I don't administrate my own server, and getting most 
> prepackaged solutions to play nice with SQL and PHP on the server was 
> more trouble than it was worth.  I realised that for the time being all 
> I really needed was a website, a facility to upload files and a forum; 
> the first I already had, the second was easy enough to write and the 
> last was provided nicely by Simpleforum, a Perl app which doesn't 
> require SQL or PHP.  However, I'd be interested to hear other people's 
> experiences, particularly those who don't have root access to their servers.
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