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Re: survey

In message <1353AD37DA6@cicei.ulpgc.es>, solaris@cicei.ulpgc.es writes:
>Ok, Roger proposes a few questions  such  as 'What do end users want
>in a OS' ?.
>I will start running a survey at this college (and the seg) on  that
>question next week.
>If there are any particular aspects  you would like to have included
>in the survey questions, let me know before Sunday.
>    Aldo

Thanks, Aldo! And for others listening, the other initial broad questions
live at http://www.seul.org/seg/init_qus.html (and more info about seg
is at http://www.seul.org/seg/)

I think that asking those questions directly as I have posed them,
though, is a bad idea. (I'm not sure if you were planning to do that or
not.) From my very limited experience with surveys, it should be
a multiple choice style questionairre. This is useful both because
people tend to be more willing to answer things that are easy
to answer, and also because it's nearly impossible to turn
paragraph-style answers into something that is statistically meaningful.

Also, it has the added bonus that it can be html'ized easily, and we can
stick it on the web for people to fill out as they glance through our
Note that our manifesto has the beginnings of a description of the
"end user". It probably needs to be refined further.


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