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Got  a  mail  from  Roger where I read 'seg's doing nothing'.

The group is not doing anything, yet, because  _there  is  no  code_
(i.e.  a seul at an alpha stage) to run for end users.

An install experiment was scheduled to be run when we had the Perens
thing  inhere  and  direct  cooperation  with Debian vanished.  This
implied that it  was  decided  that  Debian  alone  would not be the
ground for seul (which would make an install experiment  on  dselect
just a waste of time).

If you still would  like  to  see  an  install experiment you should
decide what setup  program/distribution  will  be  the  ground.   If
there's  no  ground  distribution,  we  can  only  wait for the seul
version alpha or whatever you'll call it.

There  are many things the seg could do (check out stats, maths, gis
programs; search for code which could  be used for setting up a good
scientific suite, etc).  However, an alpha seul is needed, at least,
to do most of that. 

Finally, a new Principal will be  elected in this college in 3 weeks
time from now.  The involvement of this college in seul and  several
other  aspects  of networking here will depend on the policy to come
after those elections. Let's hope for the best.


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