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Re: I Have Seen the Glory

] From: George Bonser <grep@oriole.sbay.org>:

]Free software is fine and dandy as long as you have students needing the
]experiance working on it.  It is not likely that they will stay and
]nurture the product over a lifetime other than as a hobby/spare-time

Yes & no: I'm awaiting SEUL  is  -somehow- ready to 'strike' both of
the directors at FAO whom I have had contact  with  (they  are  good
friends of my supervisor, as well). The idea is as follows:

    - Try to offer SEUL
    - Attempt to reach an agreement to:
        Receive funds from United Nations (and anyone institution
        which may come along)
        to feed in the money/services to SEUL
            to have edge hardware
            to pay hackers
            to offer scolarships (and *academic credits*) to 
               students who may contrbibute to the endevour
All in all, we have to arrange an infrastructure so our hackers stay
and develop free OS+softw  to  the  international community.  One of
the pains of free software (and the Linux world) has been that a few
guys develop something which stays in Alpha or Beta  stages  forever
(because the guys end up their studies and have got to go to work to
feed their stomachs, etc.).

IMO, this may be achieved.  For transparency, money matters might be
run  by  some  university  foundation.

Here,  I've  been  touching the 'power-structure' to get through the

    - Computer science students at this college develop
      certain software pieces to SEUL *and* get academic
      credits for it (issued by this university).
More needs to be done and they are positive, in principle.   
Working on it.



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