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Fwd: RE: I Have Seen the Glory

Oopsie, another bounce. I'm tempted just to make the list open, but...

From: George Bonser <grep@shorelink.com>
To: hanseno@usa.net
cc: George Bonser <grep@oriole.sbay.org>, seul-leaders@seul.org
Subject: RE: I Have Seen the Glory

On Sat, 18 Apr 1998, Orn E. Hansen wrote:

>   I took the KDE desktop, and compiled it here on my own system.  And the
> result was a very nice desktop, that actually works.
>   Let us know about your impression on BeOS, it would be interresting to
> try it out.

I will surely let you know. I have only one system that can run it.  BeOS
requires either a Matrox or S3 Virge video card.  I have a co-worker from
France that lives in Menlo Park and is friendly with the BeOS folks, I
will see if he can grab me a disk.

George Bonser

If I had a catchy quip, it would be here.

Debian/GNU Linux ... the maintainable operating system.

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