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RE: I Have Seen the Glory

řann 18-Apr-98 skrifar George Bonser:
> I think I have seen SEUL and it might really be called BeOS. I 
> going to grab a copy and check it out. From the looking I have been doing
> recently, it looks like Unix designed by an Applephile.  It is designed to
> be a friendly GUI desktop environment.  My first impressions are that the
> OS is designed around the desktop and the filesystem ... like Apple stuff
> is. The main differences are that you can still give command line
> parameters, it has a unix style filesystem but smarter and there are quite
> a few commercial apps for it already.
> It looks like Be on the desktop and Linux for the servers might be a smart
> move.
> Just fodder for discussion, feel free to ignore it.
  I took the KDE desktop, and compiled it here on my own system.  And the
result was a very nice desktop, that actually works.

  Let us know about your impression on BeOS, it would be interresting to
try it out.

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