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Re: language (was: survey material)

>Survey material: I'm  setting  up  the  multiple  choice directly in
>Spanish.  As soon as I release it here,  I'll  have  it  translated.
>All  of  the  translations,  raw  data and analyses will be put into

fyi: Yo se' espan~ol... (I know spanish.)
So if you make the originals available available before the translations are
done, I (and probably some other people) could already start commenting on
them, and even help with translation.  So if you could make the surveys
available soon, even in Spanish, I think it would be useful.

Please do make sure you get some feedback within SEUL before trying the
survey on the "real" subjects though.

Also, this reminds me of a couple good things to note on languages:
1. Just to be clear about it, it's usually good to keep public discussion in
 English (the way we've been doing), or if necessary then another language
 plus the English translation.  This usually allows the most people to
2. A question for anyone outside the U.S.  What encoding do you use most
 commonly for extended character sets?


p.s.  I also know a passable amount of French and Japanese, and fluent
 Hungarian, should they ever come in handy for someone communicating with me.
 Not for general project-wide use though! :)

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