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Re: leaders list usage

Luka (Peter) wrote:

> I think we have a pretty good idea of what might be appropriate for post to
> seul-leaders: stuff that influences more than just one group, basically, and
> _occasional_ progress/status reports, just so we all have a some idea what's
> happening around the project overall, and can mention any tips/ideas that
> are useful to group leaders in general as we gain new experience.

Not-too-occasional progress/status reports would be welcome either to myself
(preferably) or to seul-pub, suitable for adaption for the website. As was
suggested a while ago, a good method of doing this might be to appoint a member of
the group who has an ongoing task to notify me or anyone else running that portion
of the site (won't just be me forever) of any newsworthy or interesting progress.

If anyone has any queries, suggestions or comments on how the website can be used
for their group, please mail me!


PS - one example of a use for the site is that dev-install has just had a copy of
their installspec availible for private review on teh site (ie only people on the
list knew the address), and has just released it for public review. If you want
lots of people to comment on something the webstie is the ideal place.


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