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SEUL-Leaders: mailing lists

time to start reorganizing mailing lists.
more than this is in order for the long run, but here are two things we
should think about dealing with asap.

first thing:
 seul-leaders is a badly-defined list.  we've never really decided if it is
public or private or what.
 people like arma want to be added to the list, so they can receive mail on
organizational discussions, and it could also currently be used as a list
to send mail to all leaders, since anyone can post to it (i think).
 i think we do want to keep the list readable by anyone, since the
discussion is in everyone's interest, and they should be allowed to join
directly if they want, rather than having to check the archive.
 but if we allow anyone to join, and anyone to post, that would fail, since
this is should _not_ be an open discussion list for everyone.
 so... we should probably configure seul-leaders such that anyone can send
a subscribe message and get added to watch the discussion, but only
authorized members can post.
 sound like a good plan?

 mail to list@seul.org.
 can it be distinguished from mail to list@mail.txcc.net?  if so, can we move
our lists over to seul.org and drop the "seul-" prefix from the list names?
 this doesn't need to be done right away.  i just want to know if it will work,
since we should be reorganizing soon based on group hierarchy, and the
mailing lists should follow, but having them all start with "seul-" would
be annoying, if they're at seul.org anyway...

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