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SEUL-Leaders: leaders list additions, sdoc parser, lists

arma sez sdoc parser is almost ready.  a few bugs left to squish.
and he accepts the role as being in charge of seuldoc maintainance, at least
for now.  this makes him seul-sys-seuldoc leader.

cyber, please add arma@mit.edu to the seul-leaders list, and let us know
when that is effective.

also, has bill thanis been added to this list yet?

and regarding lists in general - ok, consider seul-leaders a private
list for leaders (i think archiving can still be ok though...).
we will have to add some more lists soon, probably including a more public
list for contacting the leaders...  i will try to work out the structure
as soon as i run the actual group structure by everyone on the mainlist
(within a day - unless someone complains Real Soon), and then mail everyone
with a suggested mailing list structure (based around that project
i think i'll expect us to move to <list>@seul.org, but keep the seul- prefix
for all the reasons mentioned, at least for now...  ok?


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