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Re: SEUL-Leaders: leaders list additions, sdoc parser, lists

On Tue, 5 Aug 1997, Luka wrote:

> cyber, please add arma@mit.edu to the seul-leaders list, and let us know
> when that is effective.
Ok i added him..
> also, has bill thanis been added to this list yet?
No do we have an E-mail address for him?
> and regarding lists in general - ok, consider seul-leaders a private
> list for leaders (i think archiving can still be ok though...).
> we will have to add some more lists soon, probably including a more public
> list for contacting the leaders...  i will try to work out the structure
> as soon as i run the actual group structure by everyone on the mainlist
> (within a day - unless someone complains Real Soon), and then mail everyone
> with a suggested mailing list structure (based around that project
> organization).
> i think i'll expect us to move to <list>@seul.org, but keep the seul- prefix
> for all the reasons mentioned, at least for now...  ok?

Ok let me know what lists you need and who the list maintainer will be..
> -luka

Well i am off to M.A.D.D. to reconfig there network.. chat l8r

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