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SEUL-Leaders: linux-ng response #1

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Erik Walthinsen wrote:

> Now, for an interesting little tidbit.  There is an project doing exactly
> what this list is discussing.  The points brought up in Numard's mail are
> exactly those that are being actively discussed as we speak...
> What I'd like to see is this list merging with SEUL.  I know this sounds
> somewhat presumptive, but I'll explain:
> My goal with the SEUL project is to coordinate the massive resources Linux
> has to offer in the form of volunteer time.  As it stands, there are at least
> 5 free word-processor projects for Linux/Unix.  Why do we need 5?  We're
> basically wasting resources with at least 3 of those 5.  If we are going to
> get something done that works, can blow the socks off of doze*, and do it in
> a reasonable amount of time, we need to cooperate as much as possible.
I did not mean to creat a whole new distrib!!!! MAybe I've got it
wrong... but that's what it says in your www page... But now i've given
it 2nd thoughts.... would be great to start, ie, RH installation with a
	1) Newbie
	2) Experienced
and, of course 2) would be the standart RH distrib, 1) would include the
whole help stuff, but IN NO WAY would lose any of Linux Great features
and applications! I would hate to see linux lose it's power if favour of
ease of use!!

As sb. mentioned in a RE: to my mail, Of course hypertext is perfect for
this :). Maybe we could use Lynx ? That depends upon a lot of different
factors... too early to discuss about that yet.
It would be great if both projects would merge.. Maybe our idea (or mine
in particular) was to improve Linux in the End-user (specially the
newbie) ease of use. We sysadmin might not be as helped in the short
term....BUT as  the ease of use improves, more companies would be ready
to port their products to Linux. I mean, I'm under NT right now.WHY???
Have to do Graphic Design... there's no CorelDraw / Photoshop / Caligary
Truespace for Linux ... yet! I'd love to get rid of all the space this
bloody NT eats up and use it for my Linux! but cant' do that because i
need progies! Get the point? Anyone interested in the original mails
that made linuxng mail list come to live, please mail me and i'll
forward them with pleasure.
	I have personally no problems in merging with SEUL. I mean, Linux has a
lot of groups doing the same thing in parallel. That's definetely a
WASTE of TIME and EFFORT!. Please, Erik, let's try to make only one
group. Anyway, everything was just starting in here. Tell us if what you
are currently doing is what we were thinking of doing in this group
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