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SEUL-Leaders: My mail to linux-ng

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Numard wrote:
> First of all, this is a request to everybody in the list to start making
> a contribution to this list,c'mon! Let's give sth back to Linux for
> everything it gave us! :)

Now, for an interesting little tidbit.  There is an project doing exactly
what this list is discussing.  The points brought up in Numard's mail are
exactly those that are being actively discussed as we speak...

The project is SEUL (Simple End-User Linux), of which I play a very active
part (basically one of the two system architects at this point).  We
currently have two systems configured for dedicated use, running both 
www.seul.org and a full CVS repository.  We have a group structure somewhat 
defined (waiting for comments from the general 'public') and a document 
format set up ready for the massive documentation effort that is happening.

What I'd like to see is this list merging with SEUL.  I know this sounds 
somewhat presumptive, but I'll explain:

My goal with the SEUL project is to coordinate the massive resources Linux 
has to offer in the form of volunteer time.  As it stands, there are at least 
5 free word-processor projects for Linux/Unix.  Why do we need 5?  We're 
basically wasting resources with at least 3 of those 5.  If we are going to 
get something done that works, can blow the socks off of doze*, and do it in 
a reasonable amount of time, we need to cooperate as much as possible.

In terms of merging the lists vs. coordinating: coordinating from SEUL to 
linux-ng would be counterproductive in that discussions that happen in one 
group don't get feedback from the other, unless something is cross-posted, 
which defeats the purpose of two lists anyway.  Merging the lists is the only 
effective way to do it: shared resources, more people to comment on ideas, 
less duplication.


For those interested, visit http://www.seul.org/ and browse through the 
seul-project mailing list archives.  There's a *lot* of good stuff in there.


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