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RE: Seul-Leaders: New list (test...)

On 19-Aug-97 Roger R Dingledine wrote:
>So, people keep saying that the old seul-leaders list
>didn't work for various reasons. I just installed and
>set up majordomo on belegost.mit.edu, aliased as seul.mit.edu.
>On seul-leaders@belegost currently are (I got the list from
>Luka's recent mail)


Could this be changed to point to Juhana.Siren@oulu.fi, please. There will be
a firewall between the campus and the rest of the network so mail won't reach 
my computer (pc164178).
Juhana Siren (Mr.) - Juhana.Siren@oulu.fi - http://rieska.oulu.fi/~jsiren/
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