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IRC meetings revisited

OK, after a long hiatus, we're going to try to start up the IRC meetings 
again.  This is in preparation for the roll-out of the new seul-dev-* lists, 
which will generate quite a bit more traffic and require a lot of 
coordination on our part.

I would like to meet at cvs.seul.org:7776, in #seul, tonight at the regularly 
scheduled time to discuss who will be covering which lists (5min), and
hopefully make a list of topics for each list to discuss (55min max).  If
you've done the math, this will be a short (1hr) meeting, as that is all we 
have to discuss currently, unless someone e-mails me with a topic that must 
be included.

We will meet again tomorrow night for last-minute discussions and to finalize 
the plan of action.  At this point I should have the archives created for the 
seul-dev-* lists, and they should be active and ready to go.

Hopefully tomorrow night or Thursday morning (my time), I will send out mail 
to seul-project@belegost.mit.edu (yes, that's our new list host) and inform 
them of the new lists.  I will also point them at belegost.mit.edu as the 
list host for now, until Cyber can change the MX record.

I'm off to work now, cyall on IRC tonight...

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