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Re: IRC meetings revisited

i'm back. (don't ask)
i might not make the irc meeting tonight, but i should be at the next one.
if i'm not around, start without me (omega in charge)...
omega: send me a transcript of the session after the meeting.

my input on the seul-dev-* topics matter to be discussed:

some topics currently on seul-project will go over to obvious groups:
 install: boot loader discussion
 ui:      wm's, and toolkits discussions
the other 4 groups may need to have starting topics supplied.

also, any ideas on how the which-distrib-to-use issue fits in?  i think this
is a pretty general issue so it should stay on seul-project, but let subparts
(the package managers, the packages (apps) available, etc) branch out to
specific groups for detailed technical discussion.
/if/ that's even necessary, since hopefully we should just resolve that issue
for real soon though, and make an official decision on it so we can start
preliminary coding from something concrete.
i am personally dissecting debian and redhat right now, and will send out
detailed reports once i'm done... don't expect to hear much from me til then,
though... ;)
if anyone thinks something other that debian/redhat is really worth looking
into, let me know (various stuff has been mentioned on seul-project, but none
strongly argued for).  i think debian/redhat are The Ones to consider.  note
that i will be opposed to anything that is not free, since we are planning to
distribute seul for free, and that will be difficult if development costs are
not zero.  (eg, lst is out?)

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