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IRC meeting and mailing lists

The meeting tonight was somewhat of a bust.  It consisted of Micah, Arma, and 
myself...  We need to get quorum before we can announce the lists, otherwise 
we won't have any direction for 6 times the discussion space.  For this 
reason, please try to be at the meeting tomorrow night.

However, the lists are set up now, and are archived.  They have been added to 
the web site in anticipation of the announcement.  If someone discovers the 
lists before they are announced, they aren't likely to announce it for us, 
and if they do, big deal...

I still have to set up the searching stuff for them, but you can at least 
surf the archives of them all (1 message each so far).

I would recommend that everyone sign on to all 6 lists for now, then get off 
the lists that aren't interesting later.  This is so we can all get an idea 
of how exactly the conversation manages to split up.

The lists and currently known preliminary 'owners' are:

seul-dev-admin:    (luka?)
seul-dev-apps:     Micah
seul-dev-distrib:  (luka?)
seul-dev-help:     Twoducks
seul-dev-install:  (omega?)
seul-dev-ui:       (omega?)

If you want to take over one of these lists, please do so.  Neither luka or I 
have time to run any of these lists.  One person can cover multiple groups 
for now, if necessary.  Eventually (RSN) we will not be listed in the above
table even as a placeholder.

I'd like to go live with the lists within 48hrs, so everyone that can should 
be at the meeting tomorrow night to discuss and finalize strategy.  I will 
send out a draft of the mlist announcement sometime tomorrow before the 
meeting, and would like an ACK from as many as possible, just as a sanity 


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