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Re: SEUL-Leaders: Bunch 'O Stuff

On 07-Jul-97 Erik Walthinsen wrote:

>ARGH!!!!!  Even those times are wrong!  Based on 8am in Finland, here are the 
>correct times:
>10pm Monday - Omega
>12pm Monday - Cyber
>1am Tuesday - Luka
>8am Tuesday - Juhana
>(plz double-check these to make sure)

Those seem to be correct...

>This is pushing things on our end somewhat, so Juhana, would be consider 
>moving back to 7am?  Or do these times work for everyone's semi-nocturnal 
>schedules already?

I can do 7 am - I wake up at seven anyhow. No problem.

Juhana Siren (Mr.) - Juhana.Siren@oulu.fi - http://rieska.oulu.fi/~jsiren/
All wiyht. Rho sritched mg kegtops awound?
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