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SEUL-Leaders: Re: SEUL and Linux Help

On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, Two Ducks wrote:

> I am very interested with your proposition. I would need to know just a
> few things before I could take on the responsibility.
> What is involved and what way would be best to go about being the head
> of
> the doc team? I have all the tools I need to do email and web based
> correspondence (10 meg web space.) If most of your meeting is done
> by IRC (as Erik Walthinsen mentioned of a meeting Monday evening) most
> nights should be fine, although I was not available tonight. The
> meeting time (9:00 PST or 12:00 EST (My time)) should be free most
> nights.

Most of it would be left up to you. As the head you would be incharge..
I have not made it to one of the meetings yet but only because it takes 
place at 11:00 my time. I need to stay up late one night and sit in on one..
for web space you would need to talk to the web group.. (Erik's Group) as 
for mail I can set up lists and mail addresses at seul.txcc.net and 

> Also. I have presumed that this is a Volontary effort and that it would
> most likely be GPLed. Is this a justified assumption? If not, what is
> being done? Would the work such as that done on the help be made
> available to other distributions (and the public in general?)
Yes it is Volontary and
Yes we will be GPL'ing it 
> I have always thought that something like SEUL should be done,
> so I am very interested in taking part. I hope I can remain of
> service (and I am very interested in the position of head of the
> doc project.)

I look forward to working with you on this project..
> Thanks.
> Ken Duck
> Cyber Link wrote:
> > 
> > We are still looking for some one to head up the doc project. This person
> > would choose people to help and set the doc standards for the
> > distrabution. If you would like to help us work on the project by
> > takeing this task in hand let me know. we would need to run the doc ideas
> > by the heads of the other areas to get there reaction but from what i see
> > the idea is a good one..
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