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SEUL-Leaders: Re: linux-ng

Please read over this response and be ready to debate it at the meeting.  I 
want to get this guy onboard.  (there are a dozen people including me on the 
list so far)

> it is. it's mostly a discussion for what should be done;
> and whatever is agreed on this list will be proposed to
> either linux.org, or debian and redhat.

What I would suggest is that this list join with SEUL, as this is the project 
that is going to replace windows.

We already have a significant start on the project, with about 70-80 members 
and a (small, still) leaders group.  We have hardware in place as well as 
procedures to develop the project.

The reason I would like to transition the newly-formed linux-ng list into the 
SEUL project (possibly moving the mailing list to our server) is that there 
is quite a bit of duplication of effort "out there".  We as a group have 
already discussed most of the general aspects of this system, and 
re-discussing them in linux-ng would be pointless.

As it turns out, almost all of your listed goals match ours exactly.  The 
only difference is that we intend to create our own distribution.  We will 
likely be starting either from RedHat or Debian, or a hybrid of the two 
possibly.  Our goals are basically to create a distribution of Linux that can 
be installed easily, used more easily than Windoze (not hard, really), highly 
configurable for those with time to tinker, and almost completely 
maintenance free.

A secondary objective will likely flesh out to be the creation of a slew of 
standards which would allow other distribs to mirror or merge with SEUL.  All 
will be GPL'd, so this is possible.

If you are interested in merging with the SEUL project, we can arrange for a 
list on our server and take appropriate steps to integrate this list as more 
of a wish-list discussion, for instance.

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