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Re: SEUL-Leaders: Re: SEUL: stuff

>Just curious, how are you currently defining 'software dev'?  Does your domain 
>include install, base structure, admin, UI, user apps?  Ideally the last would 
>be a separate group, and possibly the first as well.  System definition 
>(fsstnd, package manager, etc.) and admin kinda go together, but since admin 
>is such a big part of SEUL it might be a separate group.

yeah.. should be explicit about this.

install, base structure, admin, UI -- yes.
user apps -- no.

management of user apps by seul, yes.  but the actual appdev group
should be someone else's.
"system applications" - i.e. things like a task manager - i may consider
in my domain.

i am considering myself to be responsible for the delivery of all
actual code that is integral to the seul system's functioning.
this includes the installer, the UI, and the core admin/synchronization
i am hoping that we'll get a few more people that i can divide leadership
of sub-areas under this (as in your break-out) up to.
and of course, lots of people, including me, will be doing the actual

regarding a chat channel: i say it's a good thing.
up to you guys how to set it up.

and i am about to send out the first half of the design doc i mentioned
to seul-project for review.  the second half (the cool part, from
my programming perspective), is not ready yet, mainly because i am
too tired to believe that i would do a good job of finishing it right
now.  will get back to it sometime after i sleep, though.
for now, the first part is actually nice though.
tries to define user and goals, at least far enough for me to be able
to stand on something.  lemme know what you think.

i expect i'll want to run the second half by you guys before sending
to the main list.  it essentially lays out specs for everything we
want seul to end up implementing. specs out modules and interactions,
so further development can be broken up and done by different groups.
a bit of email among us on that, followed by a chat, and then sending
a revised copy to the main list, would probably be a good approach.

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