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SEUL-Leaders: SEUL-faq v0.0

Attached is the preliminary list of faq questions.
Additions, subtractions, reorders and wot not is
much appreciated (and needed.)
                            17 July 1997
                            VERSION 0.1

Note that the SEUL faq is currently under constructions and will therefore
change often. The first stable release of the faq will be VERSION 1.0

This FAQ is intended for Linux users interested with the SEUL project, either
with idle curiosity or those who wish to join. A separate faq will be written
to introduce non-Linux users to SEUL (and Linux.) See Appendix A for further
information. FAQs with more specific information are also listed in Appendix


 Section 1.  Introduction and General Information
 Q1.1 What is SEUL?
 Q1.2 Why is SEUL needed?
 Q1.3 What is so hard about Linux?
 Section 2. Target Audience.
 Q2.1 Who is the SEUL User?
 Q2.2 Why would these users want to use Linux?
 Q2.3 How can these users be convinced to use SEUL?
 Q2.4 Why should these users be targetted?
 Q2.5 What use is SEUL to experienced Linux users?
 Q2.6 What platforms do the users use?
 Q2.7 Why support Linux only instalation?
 Q2.8 Why support UMSDOS instalation?
 Q2.9 Why support Linux instalation with other OSs?
 Section 3. Areas of improvement.
 Q3.1 What is wrong with what exists?
 Q3.2 How can instalation be improved?
 Q3.3 How can configuration be improved?
 Q3.4 How can help be improved?

 Section 4. Distribution.
 Q4.1 Why have a distribution instead of just writing more and better
      utilities and applications?
 Q4.2 Why not base SEUL on another distribution?
 Q4.3 How will SEUL be distributed?
 Q4.4 How will the software be packaged?
 Q4.5 When will SEUL be released?

 Section 5. Software Issues.
 Q5.1 What functionalities do we want to provide?
 Q5.2 What tools do we use/develop to provide those functions?
 Q5.3 What language will SEUL be written in?
 Q5.4 What applications and utilities will be included?
 Q5.5 Why not just include everything?
 Q5.6 In what format will the software be distributed?
 Q5.7 What is so hard about compiling programs?
 Q5.8 What is so hard about compiling the Kernel?
 Section 6. Hardware Issues.
 Q6.1 What hardware platforms will SEUL support?
 Q6.2 Why support networked machines?
 Q6.3 Why support standalone machines?
 Section 7. People.
 Q7.1 Who can be involved in SEUL?
 Q7.2 What about other projects and initiatives, can they be involved?
 Q7.3 Are there any initiatives to work with other groups?
 Q7.4 Just who is coordinating SEUL development?
 Section 8. Development Groups
 Q8.1 What are development groups?
 Q8.2 What are the development groups?
 Q8.3 How can I join one of these groups?
 Section 9. Public Relations
 Q9.1 How will SEUL be marketted?
 Q9.2 How can people be convinced to use Linux?
 Q9.3 What about the myths regarding Linux. How might they be dispelled?
 Q9.4 When will SEUL be released to the general public?
 Appendix A.  Sources and Resources
 QA.1 Is there a SEUL website?
 QA.2 Is there a SEUL mailing list?
 QA.3 Are there other faqs?
 QA.4 Is there anyone I can email for more information?
 Appendix B. FAQ Release History.

Section 1.  Introduction and General Information

 Q1.1 What is SEUL?
 Q1.2 Who is the SEUL User?


Question 1.1.  What is SEUL?

Simple User End Linux, or SEUL is both an initiative to create a distribution
of Linux that is simple to use, and the name of the distribution itself.

The SEUL distribution is intended to be easy to install, configure, and use,
as well as provide the facilities for all manners of uses of Linux, such as
network support, productivity applications, and games.

Question 1.2.