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SEUL-Leaders: admin.seul.txcc.net

twoducks: I am sorry i miss keyed your email address. I thought you were 
already set up..

everyone: admin.seul.txcc.net is up! that will be its name untell the 
          server is ready to be officialy online.. Each person will need 
          to provide me with a login and password. once you log in you
          should change your password just for security. as soon as i find
          a copy of ssh.rpm ill install ssh on the server. 

          Admin time: I am willing to allow the members of the admin group
                      time on the server as root. But to do this i will need
                      you to provide me with a letter explaining the 
               Why you need access to root
               A nice list of all modifications you intend to make.
               what time you plan to access the server.
               how long you intend to be on the server as root.
        If i catch anyone abuseing the server i will remove there access.
        This can be defined as the following.

        Installing or running a packet sniffer.
        using the server to attempt to hack other internet servers.
        Trying to hack the servers passwords
        or accessing the modem without permission..

I dont think any of you guys would do that but i thought i would Cover My 
Ass here and let everyone know what is not accepted..

Yes there is a modem in the system and a phone connected to it. this is
for me to dial up to if needed (Not set up yet). it is 2400 bps so i dont 
think anyone would want to try to dial out on it.

Ok the server is as follows

486sx33 (Ill get a new processor for it the DX2/66 Died..
12 megs of ram (Kinda funny it has 4 on the board and an 8 meg sim)
250 megs of HD Space (I know this is small Ill get a bigger HD when i 
                      find one.. I could not locate a bigger one.)
gvc Ethernet Card (Seems to run good)
3 1/2" Floppy (Everyone should have one.. ;)
2400 bps Modem (Slow but it works)

RedHat 4.0 (That was the only CD i Had and for some reason i could not do
            an FTP install from redhat.com Ill upgrade it soon)

Apache WWW Server (Yes it runs and i moved the main page over to see a 
                   comparison of the server speed)

Gopher server.    (Hell it was part of the package and some people still use
                   gopher ;)

WU-FTP            (It is up and running)

"/" is the beginning "kill" is the end and "kill -HUP" is the reberth. init is 
eturnal truth everlasting.

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