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SEUL-Leaders: Machine usage and registering seul.org

luka and I have been discussing things, along with arma (Roger Dingledine), 
also of MIT.  Here's what could be implemented for (what I believe to be)
maximum efficiency:

1) keep cran.mit.edu as CVS server (possibly upgrade it in the future)
2) use admin.seul.txcc.net (aka seul.pca.net) as a mail host
3) set up a virtual host (seul.mit.edu) running from belegost.mit.edu (arma's 
machine: P5/133, 96MB, dual-proc board for expansion) for web and FTP

This means that we have plenty of processing power for dealing with 
everything for this project:

1) cran.mit.edu won't get too much load from ssh/cvs, though it may start 
hitting disk limits after a month or two of development
2) belegost.mut.edu is already running apache, and in arma's words: "I've
served nearly 10 terabytes of web data over the past 8 months - and i almost
never see a httpd in my top" - hence no problem with load there
3) seul.pca.net is currently minimally adequate for the mailing list volume 
we're expecting (at least, what I'm expecting), though that can be remedied.

There's also plenty of bandwidth available.  Updates from cran.mit.edu to 
belegost.mit.edu happen through only 1 router, with 10Mbps on either end.  
MIT itself has an obscenely large connection to the net.  The mailing lists
won't take much bandwidth, especially with certain tweaks to the majordomo
bulk mailer I have in mind.

As far as a domain name, here's what I propose:

seul.org is open.  I can register it within hours, and it looks like we'd get 
the domain operational within a day or two.

DNS servers: use seul.pca.net as the primary site for the domain.  Configure 
cran.mit.edu as a secondary, along with a few other servers, such as 
ns.pca.net.  Which servers we enter as primary and secondary in the 
registration form are open for debate.

I can be the administrative and billing contacts for the site, and Cyber can 
be the technical contact, since he'll be running the primary DNS records for 
the site.

As far as payment, we owe $100 up front (invoice arrives within a week, 
payment req'd within 30 days), then $50/yr after the second year.  As the 
billing contact I will be shelling out the $100, but it would be nice if we 
could split the cost somewhat.  If we go for equal split among current 
seul-leaders members, that comes to $20 US per person.

Actual names:

         seul.org = belegost.mit.edu
     www.seul.org = belegost.mit.edu
     ftp.seul.org = belegost.mit.edu
belegost.seul.org = belegost.mit.edu
     cvs.seul.org = cran.mit.edu
     ns2.seul.org = cran.mit.edu (NS)
    cran.seul.org = cran.mit.edu
    mail.seul.org = seul.pca.net (MX)
      ns.seul.org = seul.pca.net (NS)
    seul.seul.org = seul.pca.net

Rationale for using three systems:

belegost.mit.edu can give us a user account for seul, along with the 
installation of necessary software.  Running mailing lists from that site
would require root access to /etc/aliases for many maintenance tasks, 
and would end up being a bit of an extra headache for arma.  Since we have a 
dedicated machine in seul.pca.net, we can use that for the mailing lists, 
rather than scratching it.

Basically, if no one has any objections to this plan in the meeting tonight, 
I'll go ahead and register the domain.


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